September St.Louis Contest

To all you speed guys,

Just a reminder that since we had to cancel the 2 World Cups in St. Louis, we instead have an AMA speed contest where we will be running 14 different classes - 1/2A speed to Fast Jet. We will be holding this contest from Friday September 25 to Sunday the 27th.

Now I know 70 foot lines at Buder Park makes you have to stay in the center as close as possible, so that is something to consider. The closest to the fence is 77 feet from center. Also, we will be having Fox 35 speed as well as Perky. So fly most everything else on 60 foot or even A speed on 65 ft. wires. You can put lots of practice or test flights in and the F2A speed team can practice as a team also.

Our club will be having certificates for awards since so many have too many trophies. Just a good record of you placing at the event. We hope for some really good weather like we have had the last few years of the world cups. So let me know if you plan on coming .

Thank you.
John Moll, CD