Speed Times Issue - 2020 No.2

NASS Secretary/Editor <speedtimes@f2aspeed.org>
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NASS Secretary/Editor <speedtimes@f2aspeed.org>
John.Brennan <jclare248@yahoo.com>
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Dear NASS Members,

The new issue of Speed Times was posted online at http://www.clspeed.org
and the paper edition will be mailed soon.
Below are instructions on how to download the electronic version.

Alex Valishev
NASS Webmaster

How to download the Speed Times:
1. Open http://www.clspeed.org in your web browser, enter your User Name
(or E-Mail) and Password in the Member
Login box on the left and press the Log-in button.
2. If the login information was recognized, you will be presented with a
Speed Times menu in the left column, with the list of available issues.
3. Click on the number of issue you want to download.
4. On the page that appears, click on the FILE to download the newsletter
in PDF format.
5. A free software tool Adobe Reader is necessary to view and print PDF
files (download from www.adobe.com/reader).

This is a group email from the administrator of http://www.clspeed.org/.